Rabbits, reliability, and a little roar!

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I once tried to teach my young daughters about electricity by pointing at the steel structures outside our minivan windows. We were driving down the highway, and I said something like, “See that tall, grey thing out there that looks like a rabbit? Those cables the rabbit is holding carry electricity to our house and make our TV work so you can watch The Lion King.” Their bright, blue eyes … [Read more...]

My power bill realized

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Last Saturday morning I woke up wondering why my electric bill I paid in June was so high. I think what got me started down that path of thinking was the loud buzzing of the alarm on my electric clock. I switched off the alarm and turned on the electric lamp on my bedside nightstand. I needed the light to find my iPhone, which was also on my nightstand and plugged into the wall outlet being … [Read more...]

Is there a lawyer in the house?

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On my desk I have a plaque from Slovenia a friend picked up for me on one of her travels. The painting shows two men fighting over a cow who fail to notice as a third man milks the cow. The words translate into what I am sure is one of the world’s oldest lawyer’s jokes. “While the farmers fight over the cow, the lawyer gets all the cream.” Yes, I am a lawyer. (And I appreciate lawyer jokes, as … [Read more...]

Sandwich malfunction presents moment of clarity

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Believe it or not, I’m trying to control my weight. I’m not being too successful, but I’m trying. I've lately been eating healthier. Yesterday, I went to a local sandwich shop for lunch. I ordered a chicken sandwich. Better than a burger and fries, I rationalized. The woman working behind the counter, as employees from this national chain of sandwich makers do, asked did I want any special … [Read more...]

Standing With Public Power

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Man standing on a soap box

It’s funny how over time things kind of repeat themselves. We had a customer bring me the Rural Electric Nebraskan from April1972. It was fun to look back at the topics of the articles and to see what “Custer Public Power” was talking about in the insert, when I noticed an editorial page with the title of “Spirit of Nebraska.” The editor of the magazine wanted to “get up on his soapbox.” So I … [Read more...]

Always there — alarm clocks, or not

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I have a love/hate relationship with my alarm clock. I’m not really a morning person, and the terrible sound – that each day awakens me to a realization I’m not on a beach in Hawaii or driving a bright red convertible along the California coast – is a horrible thing! On the other hand, without opening my eyes or raising my head from the softest pillow in the world, I know I can roll over, push … [Read more...]

Confessions of a weather public power geek

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I am a self-confessed weather geek. When not on the swing set or throwing rocks in the dog’s water dish with my little girl, I can typically be found on the couch watching the Weather Channel. Daddy lives for his TorCon values this time of year. It drives my wife nuts. And, yes, I was glued to the Weather Channel last Sunday. Gnarly storms were spitting out tornadoes 45 minutes south of … [Read more...]

My Career Through A Lens

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As the District’s in-house photographer and multimedia producer for more than 14 years, I have traveled almost every county road and highway in Nebraska, met some pretty amazing people, and witnessed incredible sights, all with a camera in hand. I've hung out of a helicopter to capture images of tornado and ice storm aftermath, belly-crawled through cow poo to photograph an endangered … [Read more...]

Fast, Furious, and Electric!

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Imagine yourself lying nearly prone on your back in a single-passenger, torpedo-shaped car, hurtling forward, feet-first, at speeds topping 30 miles per hour. You zoom along about two inches off the ground; the world is a blur. For safety, you wear a padded helmet, leather gloves and long-sleeve shirt and long pants. Your head is tilted upward. A steel cage entombs you and a roll-bar arcs over … [Read more...]

Power Yoga–A Redefining Twist

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Ok, so I’m a health nut. I have a passion for a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, emotionally and most important, spiritually. I’ve always been into running and lifting weights; there was always a race I was training for. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t stay active to set any world records, or even beat previous race times. I’m a social butterfly, and participating in events like a 5k … [Read more...]